Business Energy Procurement & Supplier Transfers

We are experts in obtaining competitive quotations and changing supplier

C&W Consultants can provide your company with significant time and cost-savings when you purchase your business electricity and business gas using our services.

Many of our clients can go on to save 10 percent on their business bills when their business electricity or gas supply arrangements are reviewed by one of our utility advisors.

We offer a wide choice of supplier and tariff options to suit all types of business requirements. All UK utility supplier services are constantly monitored to ensure our clients’ costs are kept down and reduced wherever possible.

If you are changing supplier or moving premises we will assist you with the process and monitor the progress as necessary.

This includes:

  • obtaining and providing quotations for you in an easy-to-understand format

  • discussing the various options available to you, including contract terms, length and ‘green’ energy

  • initiating the transfer, and monitoring it to ensure it progresses as smoothly as possible